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ÀRÀ : The Perfomer

ÀRÀ is a supremely talented singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and actress - the world acclaimed first female talking drummer leads an orchestra of exceptionally talented musicians and dancers who create pulses of entertaining symphony of world music genre that accentuates the African talking drums, acknowledged as world's most sophisticated musical instruments of communication from Yoruba heritage. Her dexterity in fusing traditional African beats with modern rhythms has led her to holding studio and theatre performances with world music greats and Grammy award winning superstars. She recorded and performed with Steve Wonder on his "A TIME TO LOVE" album, Wyclef Jean on the same platform and many others.

About ÀRÀ
About ÀRÀ

Journey of the Queen of drums

A revival of popular awareness and patronage of the profound place and power of the African drum in the resilient evolution and captivating nuances of Africa is the vision. The talking drum also known as "Gan-gan" is unique to Yoruba's of Nigeria's South-West. It was a sole preserve of men until ÀRÀ broke this major traditional jinx, influencing an upsurge in the fresh movement of female talking drummers. The first female talking drummer of international repute. The goddess of drums. The most culturally relevant entertainment brand-influencer. THIS IS ÀRÀ!

About ÀRÀ
About ÀRÀ

ÀRÀ: The Producer

ÀRÀ's strong interest in culture and tourism is huge and that impressed upon her a noble commitment to drive tourism investment across the country through cinematography and movie production. "OSUNFUNKE" is one movie with a big heart for national heritage. The movie while giving viewers a classic love tale brings to light another opportunity to project tourism.

About ÀRÀ

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